Top 10 Facts about Taoism

Post On: September 24, 2018

Facts about Taoism present the details about one of the Chinese philosophical traditions. The focus of the tradition is to live with the Tao in harmony. Taoism is founded according to Tao. If you think that Taoism and Confucianism are similar, you are wrong since both are different. The former one does not focus on the social order and rigid rituals. It emphasizes on the action without intention or wu wei. Taoism is also known with its Three Treasures. You can mention them. They include humility, frugality and compassion. Let us learn more about Taoism by reading the following post below:

Facts about Taoism 1: the root of Taoism

The presence of Taoism was traced back in the fourth century BCE. The I Ching and the School of Yingyang mainly affected the developed of the early Taoism.

Facts about Taoism 2: the I Ching text

The I Ching text is emphasized on the way the people behave based on the cycle of nature.

Taoism Pic

Taoism Pic

Facts about Taoism 3: Shen Buhai

Shen Buhai also had a great influence on the development of Taoism. He was known as a legalist.

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Facts about Taoism 4: Taoism in the early ancient China

The Taoists who lived in early ancient China drew themselves out of the politics. That is why, they were often entitled as the recluses or hermits. The famous one was Zhuangzi. He became a member of local shamanic traditions in China who settled in the south.

Facts about Taoism 5: the basic texts of Taoism

In the early era into the beginning of 20th century, the basic early texts of Taoism were explained by the Shamans.

Taoism Facts

Taoism Facts

Facts about Taoism 6: the primary branches of Taoism

Quanzhen Taoism and Zhengyi Taoism are considered as the two primary branches of Taoism at that time.

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Facts about Taoism 7: the popularity

Taoism was very popular in ancient China. There is no need to wonder that it had been nominated for a number of times as a state religion. However, the popularity was decreased after the 17th century.

Facts about Taoism 8: influence

Taoism had influenced a number of Chinese fields such as Zen Buddhism, Chinese astrology Chinese alchemy, Feng Shui, traditional Chinese medicine, and a number of martial arts. In the present day, both Republic of China and People’s Republic of China have officially recognized Taoism in one of the five religious doctrines. The presence of Taoism was also spotted in Southeast Asia, Macau and Hong Kong.

Facts about Taoism

Facts about Taoism

Facts about Taoism 9: the number of followers

Based on a survey conducted in 2012 in China, the number of the people who praised Taoism was 173 million people.

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Facts about Taoism 10: Chinese Taoist Association

Chinese Taoist Association was established in 1956. The primary purpose was to manage the activities of Taoism. In 1957, the association had its official approval. Under the reign of Mao, it was disbanded. In 1980, it was restored.

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