Top 10 Facts about Tap Water

Post On: September 25, 2018
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Facts about Tap Water elaborate the important information about the water supplies from a valve or a tap. People often call tap water as town water, city water, running water or municipal water. People access the tap water for various purposes such as cooking, washing dishes, washing clothes, drinking and flushing the toilets. In the present day, many people have the access to the tap water by installing the indoor plumbing. Only few of people had the access to the indoor plumbing and tap water before the second half of 19th century. Here are other interesting facts about tap water:

Facts about Tap Water 1: the presence of tap water in 20th century

During the 20th century, the tap water can be accessed by many people in various regions in the world. However, the poor people who live in developing countries only have lack of access to the tap water.

Facts about Tap Water 2: drinking water

When the people from developing countries think about the tap water, they always think about drinking water. If you are not so sure with the portability of the tape water, you can distill, boil or filter it first.

Tap Water Pic

Tap Water Pic

Facts about Tap Water 3: technologies

Technologies are important for the life of the modern people. You can have clean water for the public building, businesses and residential homes by using the water treatment technology.

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Facts about Tap Water 4: the fresh water

The fresh water is available in many types. It can be in the form of tap water, water from the wells, water from the pumps or water from the lakes or river.

Facts about Tap Water 5: the importance of clean water

The clean water is very important in the life of human being. The improvement of public health and life expectancy is increased when the water is clean. The availability and fresh and proper sewage will decrease the presence of water borne diseases.

Facts about Tap Water

Facts about Tap Water

Facts about Tap Water 6: providing tap water

The government agency is the one responsible providing the tap water. It is not an easy job. The distribution, treatment, storage and collection of system for installing the tap water are very complex. It requires designing and planning before the construction.

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Facts about Tap Water 7: contamination

The chemical and biological contamination is one of the biggest problems in the tap water. In the developing countries, it is always important for the residents to boil the water first before they consume it.

Facts about Tap Water 8: fluoridation

Fluoridation is considered as a way to increase the dental health of the people who access the tap water. However, it ends up in controversy.

Tap Water

Tap Water

Facts about Tap Water 9: the supply of tap water

Three possible sources are available for the tap water. It can be gained from the processed water from the rainwater, lakes, rivers, streams or creeks. The people can also get it from the water wells or municipal water supply.

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Facts about Tap Water 10: hot and cold water

Due to the presence of technology, people can access the hot and cold tap water.

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