Top 10 Facts about Tate Modern

Post On: September 28, 2018

Facts about Tate Modern give the impressive facts about a modern art gallery. You can go to London if you want to visit this impressive building. If you go to Tate Modern, you can spot the international modern art in this national gallery of Great Britain. Tate Modern is a part of Tate Group along with Tate St Ives, Tate Liverpool, Tate Britain and Tate Online. It houses various collections of contemporary art, international modern art and the British art dated back in 1900 until today. If you love art, Tate Modern should be visited when you are in London. Check other impressive facts about Tate Modern by reading the following post:

Facts about Tate Modern 1: the admission

The visitors can access the collection displays in Tate Modern without having to pay for the admission charge. Most areas of the gallery space in the museum are occupied by the collection displays. If there is a major temporary exhibition in Tate Modern, the visitors have to buy the tickets.

Facts about Tate Modern 2: Sir Giles Gilbert Scott

Sir Giles Gilbert Scott was the original designer of the former Bankside Power Station, which houses the present day Tate Modern. Scott was known as the Batterse Power Station’s architect.

Tate Modern

Tate Modern

Facts about Tate Modern 3: construction of the building

Between 1947 and 1963, the building was constructed in two phases. In 1981, the power station was closed down. Before it was redeveloped, the length of the power station was 660 feet or 200 meters. The height of the central chimney was 325 feet or 99 meter. It featured the brick clad and steel frame.

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Facts about Tate Modern 4: the primary areas

The south featured the switch house. The north had the boiler house. The center was occupied by the big primary Turbine Hall.

Facts about Tate Modern 5: after the closure of Bankside Power Station

The campaigns for saving the building of Bankside Power station was conducted by many people. An announcement was made by Tate Gallery that the building would house the Tate Modern in April 1994.

Tate Modern Facts

Tate Modern Facts

Facts about Tate Modern 6: the architect for the new gallery

In January 1995, the winner for the competition for the architect to build Tate Modern was announced. Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron of Herzog & de Meuron took the responsibility.

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Facts about Tate Modern 7: construction for the new building

In June 1995, Tate Modern was built. In 2000, it was finished with the cost of £134 million.

Facts about Tate Modern 8: the external change

One-half of the roofs in Tate Modern feature a two-story glass extension. It is considered as one of the biggest changes in the building.

Facts about Tate Modern

Facts about Tate Modern

Facts about Tate Modern 9: opening of Tate Modern

On 11 May 2000, the Queen opened Tate Modern.

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Facts about Tate Modern 10: the visitors

During the first year of its opening, Tate Modern had 5.25 million visitors.

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