Top 10 Facts about Tattoo

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Facts about Tattoo present the information about painting the body using pigments, dyes or inks. This practice is common both in the past and modern times. This form of body modification can be permanent or temporary depending on the process and type of ink. The pigment of the skin will be changed when the pigment, dyes or inks are inserted into the dermis layer of the skin. People use the term tattooing to call the art of making tattoos. Let us find out other impressive facts about tattoo below:

Facts about Tattoo 1: the categories of tattoo

Can you mention the three major categories of tattoo? They can be pictorial, symbolic or even decorative.

Facts about Tattoo 2: the pictorial tattoo

The pictorial tattoo defines the tattoo according to the specific item or person.


Facts about Tattoo 3: the symbolic tattoo

The symbolic tattoo is also common because it gives a special meaning for the people who have the tattoo.

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Facts about Tattoo 4: the decorative tattoo

The wearer has the decorative tattoo only for the decorative purpose. It does not have any specific meaning for the wearer.

Facts about Tattoo 5: the uncivilized stereotype

Having tattoo was considered as an uncivilized act in the west. Then it was associated with criminals, working men and sailors over the next 100 years.

Tattoo Facts

Tattoo Facts

Facts about Tattoo 6: the acceptance

Tattoo began to be accepted by all kinds of classes in the society by the end of 20th century. The bad stigma of tattoo for being uncivilized has been removed.

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Facts about Tattoo 7: American Academy of Dermatology

American Academy of Dermatology determines five categories of tattoos. They are the medical tattoos, cosmetic tattoos, professional tattoos, amateur tattoos and natural tattoos. The latter is created due to the pencil lead or injuries. It was also common for the coal miners to have traumatic tattoos. The wounds of the coal miners could be affected by the coal dust. When you have an accident on the asphalt, the wound can develop into the traumatic tattoo. The professional one can be conducted by the using the modern machine or traditional technique.

Facts about Tattoo 8: the koita people

When the females of the Koita people reached the age of five, they would have a tattoo. Each year, a new tattoo will be applied on the skin. The married female had a V-shaped tattoo.

Facts about Tattoo

Facts about Tattoo

Facts about Tattoo 9: the function of tattoo

Tattoo has a specific function based on why it is applied on the wearer. In a certain tribe or social class, tattoo has been used to show the rank or status. It is also associated with tribal religion. The people also use tattoo to differentiate the common people from the convicts, slaves or outcasts.

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Facts about Tattoo 10: feeling

Tattoo is also associated with a feeling of a person on how to he or she views her relationship with the loved one such as son, daughter, wife, mother, father or girlfriend.

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