Top 10 Facts about Tea

Post On: September 29, 2018

Why don’t we discuss Facts about Tea? This aromatic drink is very popular in the world. Some countries also develop their culture of drinking tea. It is created from the evergreen shrub originated from Asia. The shrubs are from the cured leaves of Camellia sinensis. People love to drink a cup of tea to warm their body and maintain health. You will never get bored drinking tea because it comes in various types. The origin of tea was traced back in Southwest China. At that time, it was consumed as a medicine.

Facts about Tea 1: the types of tea

Tea comes in a number of types. If you like with astringent flavor and slightly bitter taste, you can try the Darjeeling tea. The tea in the market also has various tastes such as grassy, floral, sweet and nutty taste.

Facts about Tea 2: a recreational drink

As I have stated before, tea was considered as a medicinal drink in the past. During the Chinese Tang dynasty, the people began to drink it as a recreational drink.



Facts about Tea 3: the popularity of tea

Then this recreational drink spread into other parts of the world. During the 16th century, tea was introduced to Europe by the priests and merchants from Portugal.

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Facts about Tea 4: the Britons and tea

The Britons started to drink tea in the 17th century. The Chinese monopoly was no longer existed because the tea plant in India was commercialized and produced in the large scale by the British Empire.

Facts about Tea 5: supplies

In 2016, the production of tea in China and India accounted for 62 percent of the global tea production.

Tea Facts

Tea Facts

Facts about Tea 6: herbal tea

If you think that herbal tea is similar with the common tea, you are very wrong. The former one is mixed with leaves, fruits, rooibos, chamomile, or steeps of rosehip. The latter has the Camellia sinensia.

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Facts about Tea 7: black tea

The color of the tea is not always in brown or green color. The black tea is also available. Keemun, Rize, Nilgiri, Nepal and Assam teas are considered as the most popular types of black teas.

Facts about Tea 8: the process

It takes around four minutes for brewing the western black tea before it is served. The people from other parts of the world process the tea differently. Some of them can stew or even boil it.

Facts about Tea

Facts about Tea

Facts about Tea 9: the popular types of tea

Some of the most popular teas in the world are green tea, oolong tea, black tea, and Pu-erh tea.

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Facts about Tea 10: the cool water

If you think that all kinds of teas are preparing using hot water, you are wrong. You can also use cool water to brew the tea.

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