Top 10 Facts about Ted Hughes

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If you love poetry, you must know the famous and popular poet. One of the famous English poets is explained on Facts about Ted Hughes. He was born on August 17, 1930 and died on October 28th, 1998. His full name was Edward James Hughes. He was often cited as one of the greatest poets in his generations according to the critics. There is no need wonder that he is included in the list of the greatest writers in 20th century. In the list of the 50 greatest British writers since 1945, Hughes took the fourth place according to the Times in 2008.

Facts about Ted Hughes 1: Poet Laureate

Since 1984 until his death, Hughes took the post as Poet Laureate.

Facts about Ted Hughes 2: personal life

In 1956, Hughes and Sylvia Plath married. She was an American poet. Plath committed suicide when she was 30 years in 1963. He was blamed by the fans of Plath and feminists because of her death.

Ted Hughes

Ted Hughes

Facts about Ted Hughes 3: the complex relationship

Hughes used the complex relationship as the primary theme in his work under the title Birthday Letters in 1998. The poem is referred to the death of Plath.

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Facts about Ted Hughes 4: Last Letter

Last Letter was a poem written three days before the death of Plath. In October 2010, the poem was discovered.

Facts about Ted Hughes 5: the birthplace and birth date

The birthplace of Hughes was located at 1 Aspinall Street, in Mytholmroyd. His mother was Edith Hughes, while his father was William Henry. He spent his childhood in the Calder Valley and Pennine moorland.

Ted Hughes Birthplace

Ted Hughes Birthplace

Facts about Ted Hughes 6: hobbies

Do you know the hobbies of Hughes? They included picnicking with his family, swimming, fishing and hunting.

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Facts about Ted Hughes 7: the early education

Let us find out the early education of Hughes. Until the age of seven, he went to Burnley Road School. Then he studied at Schofield Street junior school after his family relocated to Mexborough.

Facts about Ted Hughes 8: the primary influences

Hughes stated that the primary persons who influenced his works ere Hopkins, Donne, Blake and Eliot when he had an interview with The London Magazine in 1971.

Facts about Ted Hughes

Facts about Ted Hughes

Facts about Ted Hughes 9:” Gaudete”

“Gaudete” is the prose poem written by Hughes. He was interested to make the poem into a movie. He often related his poems with the book of arts. There is no need to wonder that he often collaborated with prominent artists.

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Facts about Ted Hughes 10: The Iron Man

Have you ever read The Iron Man? The book was written by Ted Hughes. The primary reason why he wrote the book was to comfort his kids due to the death of their mother, Plath. The movie under the title The Iron Giant animation was based on the book.

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