Top 10 Facts about Terrorism

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Terrorism is one of the common issues faced by the people today. It makes us feel threatened due to the terror conducted by some people. Facts about Terrorism will give the insights about its history, and definition. The purpose of terrorism is varied. It is not always about religion. It can be associated with ideological, political and economical purposes. The origin of the word terrorism and terrorists were traced back in the end of 18th century during the French Revolution. You will get important facts about terrorism if you check the following details:

Facts about Terrorism 1: the mainstream popularity

The term terrorism was popular during the presidency of Ronald Reagan in United States because of the barracks bombing in Beirut in 1983. Other important events, which heightened the issues about terrorism, were the September 11 attacks and Bali bombings in 2002. The former one took place in 2001.

Facts about Terrorism 2: definition of terrorism

It is not easy to define terrorism since the exact definition about it does not exist. It depends on the context. Some people believe that terrorism has something to do with morally wrong action.

Terrorism Pic

Terrorism Pic

Facts about Terrorism 3: the varied types of terrorism

Terrorism is varied according to the historical time, political system and country.

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Facts about Terrorism 4: the categories of terrorism

The Task Force have divided terrorism into some categories. They include the official or state terrorism, non political terrorism, civil disorder, political terrorism, quasi terrorism, and many more.

Facts about Terrorism 5: the motivation of the terrorists

The religious belief accounted for 43 percent of lone wolf terrorism according to a report by Paul Gill, John Horgan and Paige Deckert.



Facts about Terrorism 6: the September 11 terrorist attack

On 11 September 2001, the Pentagon and World Trade Center in United States were attacked by the Al Qaeda. The international attention was directed to the attacks.

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Facts about Terrorism 7: domestic violence

Domestic violence is associated terrorism since most of the terrorists have experienced it. That’s according to the research conducted by the experts.

Facts about Terrorism 8: other motivations of terrorists

Religious belief is not only factor, which motivates terrorism. Other factors include financial support for family and nationalism. The families of the suicide bombers usually receive grants from the terrorist leaders.

Facts about Terrorism

Facts about Terrorism

Facts about Terrorism 9: the prevalence of terrorism

It is not common to spot terrorism in the countries with higher level of democracy. The most prevalent ones are in the country with intermediate level of political democracy. Although that is the general rule, suicide attack has nothing to do with it.

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Facts about Terrorism 10: the most active groups of terrorists

Al-Qaeda, ISIL, Taliban and Boko Haram have been considered as the most active groups of terrorism since 2001. Most of them concentrate their activity in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria and Pakistan.

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