Top 10 Facts about Thanksgiving

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Facts about Thanksgiving elaborate the information about the national holiday in United States, Liberia, some Caribbean Islands and Canada. The people celebrate Thanksgiving since they are blessed with the harvest. Japan and Germany also have the similar holiday like Thanksgiving. The date for celebrating Thanksgiving is different in United States and Canada. The latter has the celebration in the fourth Thursday in November. On the other hand, Canada has the celebration on the second Monday in October. Other countries or places in the world might have different date to celebrate it. Let me show you other interesting facts about thanksgiving below:

Facts about Thanksgiving 1: secular or religious holiday?

Some people think that thanksgiving is a secular holiday. Others believe that it is a religious holiday. The history root of Thanksgiving was associated with cultural and religious tradition.

Facts about Thanksgiving 2: the celebration in Australia

The people in Australia also celebrate Thanksgiving. It takes place on the last Wednesday in November at the Norfolk Island. The visiting American whaling ship brought the tradition of Thanksgiving to the island.

Thanksgiving Facts

Thanksgiving Facts

Facts about Thanksgiving 3: the celebration in Canada

The celebration of Thanksgiving in Canada takes place on the second Monday in October. Most people have the Thanksgiving celebration in a secular way.

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Facts about Thanksgiving 4: the celebration in Grenada

The celebration of Thanksgiving is also spotted in Grenada on 25th of October. It has nothing to do with the thanksgiving celebration in Canada and US though it has the same name.

Facts about Thanksgiving 5: Liberia

Do you know that Thanksgiving is also celebrated in Liberia? It takes place during the first Thursday of November.

Thanksgiving Pic

Thanksgiving Pic

Facts about Thanksgiving 6: the celebration in the Philippines

The celebration of thanksgiving is also spotted in the Philippines. In the first half of the 20th century, the country was included as a colony of United States. The tradition was stopped in the Philippines due to Marcos’ ouster in 1986.

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Facts about Thanksgiving 7: the similar celebrations

The similar celebrations also take place in many parts of the world like in Germany. In the beginning of October, Germany has the popular Christian festival called Harvest Thanksgiving Festival or Erntedankfest.

Facts about Thanksgiving 8: the religious tradition

Thanksgiving in Germany has the religious tradition. It is very different from the celebration in United States. The altar and churches will be decorated with autumn crops.

Facts about Thanksgiving

Facts about Thanksgiving

Facts about Thanksgiving 9: Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan

Labor Thanksgiving Day earns the status as the national holiday in Japan. People celebrate it on 23rd of November.

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Facts about Thanksgiving 10: Harvest Festival of Thanksgiving

United Kingdom has the Harvest Festival of Thanksgiving. However, it is related with the thanksgiving in United States.

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