Top 10 Facts about Thunderstorms

Post On: November 24, 2018

Let us find out the important information about a thundershower or lightning storm on Facts about Thunderstorms. This natural phenomenon is also called as electrical storm. The thunder and lightning are considered as the major characteristic of a thunderstorm. Cumulonimbus is the type of cloud associated with thunderstorm. When this phenomenon takes place, the heavy rain, strong winds, hail, sleet and snow are present. In some cases, precipitation is absent. Thunderstorm can lead into disaster like tornadoes, strong winds and large hails. The houses and buildings are damaged because of the severe thunderstorm. Here are other useful facts about thunderstorms below:

Facts about Thunderstorms 1: the cause of thunderstorms

A front and warm moist air move upward rapidly which causes the thunderstorms. The cumulonimbus is formed due to the presence of condensed and cooled moist air. The length of the cumulonimbus may reach more than 12 miles or 20 km.

Facts about Thunderstorms 2: the frequent occurrence

The frequent occurrence of thunderstorms is spotted on the mid latitude because of the high amount of warm and moist air in the area.



Facts about Thunderstorms 3: the strong level of thunderstorm

The strong level of thunderstorm may lead into the waterspouts and tornadoes.

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Facts about Thunderstorms 4: the types of thunderstorms

There are four types of thunderstorms. They are supercells, multi cell lines, multi cell cluster and single cell. The former one takes the record as the most severe and strongest one.

Facts about Thunderstorms 5: the study of thunderstorm

Thunderstorm has been studied over the years. The people use video photography, weather stations and weather radar to study the phenomenon.

thunderstorms facts

thunderstorms facts

Facts about Thunderstorms 6: the presence of thunderstorms

If you think that thunderstorm is only found on earth, you are very wrong. They are also present in Venus, Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter.

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Facts about Thunderstorms 7: formation of thunderstorms

Three primary factors are characterized with the presence of thunderstorms. The lifting force or heat, the unstable air mass and moisture should be present to form thunderstorms. The thunderstorm will be formed in three stages. The first one is the developing stage. It is followed by mature stage. The last one is the dissipation stage.

Facts about Thunderstorms 8: the diameter

The diameter of the average thunderstorm is 15 miles or 24 kilometer. The average time to form a thunderstorm is 30 minutes in three stages.

facts about thunderstorms

facts about thunderstorms

Facts about Thunderstorms 9: the severe thunderstorm

The severe thunderstorm is characterized by a number of factors such as the wind speed and hail diameter. The latter one should be at least 1 inch. The wind speed should be 58 miles per hour or 93 km per hour.

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Facts about Thunderstorms 10: the presence of hail

The presence of hail is common in Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado. That is why they are called Hail Alley.

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