Top 10 Facts about Tibet

Post On: November 27, 2018

Facts about Tibet give the insight about region spanning on Tibetan Plateau. It is the home for the Tibetan people along with the Lhoba, sherpa, Qiang, Tamang and Monpa people. Now Hui people and Han Chinese can be found living in Tibet. Tibet has the average height of 16,000 feet or 4,900 meters above the sea. That is why it is called as the highest region on earth. Mount Everest is the highest elevation in Tibet. It has the height of 29,029 feet or 8,848 metres above the sea level. The natural feature is also known as the highest mountain on earth. Find out other impressive facts about Tibet below:

Facts about Tibet 1: Tibetan Empire

In the seventh century, Tibetan Empire was established. A number of territories occurred due to the collapse of the empire. In the 18th century, the border was set up for Tibet from the neighboring countries.

Facts about Tibet 2: the economy

Agriculture is considered as the primary source of economy in Tibet. In the recent years, tourism in the country is flourished which gives additional income from the people.



Facts about Tibet 3: religion

Tibetan Buddhism is considered as the major religion in Tibet. You can also find Christians and Muslims in the country though they are minorities.

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Facts about Tibet 4: the strong influence of Tibetan Buddhism

Tibetan Buddhism plays an important role to shape the life of the people. The festivals, events, music and art in Tibet are heavily influenced by Tibetan Buddhism.

Facts about Tibet 5: the staple foods

Butter tea, yak meat and roasted barley are the staple food for the Tibetan people.

Tibet Facts

Tibet Facts

Facts about Tibet 6: the rivers

Yarlung Tsangpo, Mekong, Indus River, Yellow River, Yangtze, Ganges and Salween Rivers have the source of water from the Tibetan Plateau. The region earns the nickname as Water Tower of Asia. There is no need to wonder that Tibet gets a lot of amount of investment in the water project.

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Facts about Tibet 7: Yarlung Tsangpo River

Yarlung Tsangpo River features the Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon. This natural feature is included in the list of the longest and deepest canyons.

Facts about Tibet 8: Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash earns a great significance for the Hindus. They believe that Lord Shiva abode here. That is why many Tibetans and Hindus visit the mountain for a pilgrimage. Khang Rinpoche is the Tibetan name for the mountain.

Facts about Tibet

Facts about Tibet

Facts about Tibet 9: the climate

Tibet is affected by the annual snowfall at 46 cm or 18 inches yearly. In a year, it has nine months of severely dry atmosphere. The western regions are usually affected by the low temperature. During the winter season, the intense cold season is spotted on the Northern Tibet. In the summer season, the region has high temperature.

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Facts about Tibet 10: Lhasa

The capital of Tibet Autonomous Region and traditional capital of Tibet is Lhasa. The houses of Dalai Lama, the Potala Palace and Norbulingka are located in Lhasa.

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