Top 10 Interesting Facts about Ronald Reagan

Post On: August 30, 2018

We will give the explanation about the famous American politician on Facts about Ronald Reagan. In 1981 until 1989, he took the office as the 40th President of United States. He was born on 6th February 1911 with the full name Ronald Wilson Reagan. He passed away on 5th June 2004. Do you know that Reagan was a former actor? Before he became the president of US, he had served as the 33rd Governor of California in 1967 until 1975. He had a job as a trade union leader and actor before moving to politics. Find out other surprising facts about Ronald Reagan in the following post:

Facts about Ronald Reagan 1: the early life

If you think that Reagan was from a rich family, you are very wrong. His family was poor. He grew up in a small town located northern Illinois.

Facts about Ronald Reagan 2: school and early career

In 1932, Reagan was graduated from Eureka College. Then he found a job as sports announcers for some local radio stations.

Ronald Reagan Home

Ronald Reagan Home

Facts about Ronald Reagan 3: working as an actor

Reagan became an actor after he decided to move to Hollywood. He took the role in a number of productions. He served as the President of Screen Actors Guild twice. He decided to work on TV in 1950s. He also found job at the General Electric factories as a motivational speaker.

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Facts about Ronald Reagan 4: the party

Until 1962, Reagan was known as a democrat. He moved the direction into the Republican Party since he liked the conservative idea. He got a national attention due to his speech under the title “A Time for Choosing” in 1964. In 1966, he won the election as the Governor of California.

Facts about Ronald Reagan 5: the role as a Governor of California

When Reagan had his role as a Governor of California, he decided to increase the taxes. Therefore, the state of California would have surplus, not deficit. In 1969, he deployed the National Guard troops. In 1970, Reagan was elected again.

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan

Facts about Ronald Reagan 6: the presidential election

Reagan won the presidential election, which made him known as the oldest president who took the oath at that time. He was 69 years when becoming the president.

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Facts about Ronald Reagan 7: Reaganomics

Reaganomics is a term used to call the economic policies of Ronald Reagan when he was the US president. There was an assasination attempt directed toward Reagan. However, he was capable to survive.

Facts about Ronald Reagan 8: the reduction of inflation

It seems that economy was one of the primary issues in Reagan’s presidency. He was capable to decrease the inflation from 12.5 percent into 4.4 percent in his two terms.

Facts about Ronald Reagan

Facts about Ronald Reagan

Facts about Ronald Reagan 9: the second term

The second term of Reagan was dominated with foreign issues.

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Facts about Ronald Reagan 10: the foreign issues

The foreign issues under his presidency include the Iran-Contra affair, Iran-Iraq War and Libya bombing.

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