10 Facts about Reconstruction

Post On: February 4, 2017

One of the important eras in United States is explained on Facts about Reconstruction. It has two divisions. The first one took place in 1865 until 1877 after the end of the American civil war. The second one took place from 1863 until 1877. The former one was focused on the history of the United States, while the latter one was focused on how to transform the Southern US. The reconstruction was focused on the society and state. Check out other interesting facts about reconstruction.

Facts about Reconstruction 1: the three visions

The reconstructions had three visions. They were the reconciliationist vision, the white supremacist vision and the emancipationist vision.

Facts about Reconstruction

Facts about Reconstruction

Facts about Reconstruction 2: what was the reconciliationist vision?

The reconciliationist vision was focused on how to handle the devastation of the war as well as the death that the American civil war brought.

Facts about Reconstruction 3: the white supremacist vision

The violence and terror were included in the white supremacist vision.

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Reconstruction Pic

Reconstruction Pic

Facts about Reconstruction 4: the emancipationist vision

The emancipationist vision was focused on the African Americans to gain the citizenship, full freedom and constitutional equality.

Facts about Reconstruction 5: the reconstruction of the South

The moderate position to bring the Southern United States in a normal condition as soon as possible was supported by Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson in 1863 until 1865.

Facts about Reconstruction 6: blocking the moderate approaches

The moderate approaches by the presidents were blocked by the Radical Republicans through the congress.

Facts about Reconstruction 7: coming to the South

Various policies, businesspersons, teachers and missionaries from the north came to South.

Reconstruction Facts

Reconstruction Facts

Facts about Reconstruction 8: Radical Reconstruction

The Radical Reconstruction was supported by the President Ulysses S. Grant. The congress passed the Enforcement Acts in the South to protect the African Americans. The Ku Klux Klan, an organization that opposed African-Americans was combated by Grant. Even though it was effectively combated, it appeared again in 1920s.

Facts about Reconstruction 9: Reconstruction policies

The North decided to stop their support for Reconstruction policies for they believed that the slavery and American Civil War were over.

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Facts about Reconstruction 10: The House of Representative

In 1874, the House of Representative was controlled by the Democrats who opposed the Reconstructions policies.  In the history of United States civil rights, the reconstruction played an important role.  However, it was considered as a failure by most historians.

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