10 Facts about Reinhard Heydrich

Post On: February 16, 2017

Let me explain the high-ranking German Nazi on Facts about Reinhard Heydrich. He played an important role during the Holocaust. He was born on March 7, 1904 and died on June 4, 1942. His full name was Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich. Get other facts about Reinhard Heydrich below:

Facts about Reinhard Heydrich 1: the job position of Heydrich

Heydrich serves the chief of the Reich Main Security Office, which included SD, Kripo and Gestapo. He also held the post as Senior Group Leader and Chief of Police. In Bohemia and Moravia, he became Deputy or Acting Reich-Protector.

Reinhard Heydrich Facts

Reinhard Heydrich Facts

Facts about Reinhard Heydrich 2: the other post of Heydrich

Heydrich was a prominent figure for he held important post. The ICPC or International Criminal Police Commission was under the control of Heydrich for he was the president there.

Facts about Reinhard Heydrich 3: Wannsee Conference

During the Wannsee Conference, which took place in January 1942, he became the chairman. The plan for Final Solution to Jewish Question was formalized under his word.

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Facts about Reinhard Heydrich

Facts about Reinhard Heydrich

Facts about Reinhard Heydrich 4: the description about Heydrich

Heydrich was called as the man with the iron heart by Adolf Hitler. On the other hand, he was dubbed as the darkest figure in the Nazi by a number of historians.

Facts about Reinhard Heydrich 5: the SD

SD stands for Sicherheitsdienst where he became the leader. This organization had the job to neutralize the resistance toward NAZI Germany. Various ways were conducted to neutralize it such as by murdering, deporting and arresting the people.

Facts about Reinhard Heydrich 6: Kristallnacht

A series of coordinated attacks against Jews organized by Kristallnacht was aided by Heydrich.

Facts about Reinhard Heydrich 7: the mass shooting and gassing

The mass shooting and gassing were conducted by Heydrich with his Einsatzgruppen where the number of casualties reached two million people.

Reinhard Heydrich

Reinhard Heydrich

Facts about Reinhard Heydrich 8: the wound

Operation Anthropoid was conducted by the British Special Operation team to kill Heydrich. On 27th May 1942, he was critically injured in Prague.

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Facts about Reinhard Heydrich 9: the death

After being critically wounded, Heydrich died seven days later.

Reinhard Heydrich Young

Reinhard Heydrich Young

Facts about Reinhard Heydrich 10: the early life

Heydrich was the son of Elisabeth Anna Maria Amalia Heydrich and Richard Bruno Heydrich. His father was an opera singer and composer. The third name of Heydrich was derived from forename of his maternal grandfather. The nickname of Heydrich was Moses Handel.

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